Would you benefit from life coaching?

Are you living the life you dreamed?

Are you stuck in a rut?

How can hypnosis and life coaching help you achieve your dreams?

Are you living your life to it’s full potential? Or do you feel you have more to give?

Obviously most high flyers have executive coaches weekly or monthly to constantly keep them in tip top mental condition, working smart not hard, while it’s amazing if you can do this, you don’t need to have a constant life coach to change your life dramatically, you can do a six week course and learn all the basics.

Have you ever watched the film Limitless where a small pill helps Bradley Cooper access the 80% of our brain that we don’t use, it’s one of my favourite films and always reminds me of the power of coaching and hypnosis.

Ok so you’re not going to be able to learn a language overnight like Bradley does in the film, but you can become the best version of yourself possible and make dramatic progress in life in just one year.

We’ve all had those days where we get so much done, think for a moment when you find out an unexpected guest is about to call how much cleaning you can get done in an hour? Think about the days where everything seems to ‘go right’ and you achieve so much, those days where you’re’ firing on all cylinders’ Hypnosis can make everyday a 100% day!

Consider today you decide to get up 30 minutes early 3 times a week to exercise and reduce your calories by 100 per day, not a huge change but in a years’ time you could have transformed your body completely. In contrast think about have a bar of chocolate a day and stopping exercise, over a year your body and health will deteriorate considerably. My point here is that small changes to our daily routine over a period of time make a huge difference to our lives. Hypnosis can make this behaviour your new habit!

Imagine having the courage to go out there and take risks, or follow that dream, again hypnosis can give you that courage.

Did you know if you know all it takes to become an expert in your given profession is to read a book a week, this would make you in the top 10% in your field? You don’t read? That’s not great, but imagine listening to an audio book whilst you’re commuting, at the gym or walking the dog, then it’s easily done!

There are so many ways in which small changes in habit can make huge differences in our lives, imagine being the best possible version of you, all those thoughts of “oh I’ve always wanted to….” becoming a reality with life coaching. Be a winner at life; learn the habits of the successful and the achievers.

The question isn’t can you afford coaching, the question should be can you afford not to? If you had started last year imagine where you might be now, promotion, working for yourself? Living your dream! Don’t delay start today!

Just as a sports coach enable athletes to hone themselves into the fastest, strongest, most tactical competitors in their disciplines, life coaching helps people from all professional and personal backgrounds improve their strengths and build upon their weaknesses to make them the best version of themselves and make most of their lives.

Life coaching has come a long way since the days of time management and positive mental attitude, the people that are out there succeeding in life all do so due to following a formula for success, what makes you different from Lord Sugar or Richard Branson? You very well may be better educated, more attractive, more knowledgeable on certain subjects, but what do they have that you don’t? The answer is nothing, they just work differently to less successful people, they only have 24 hours in day, 7 days in a week. We all have the ability in us, it’s a question of whether firstly you want it enough to change your daily routine and put in a little extra effort. If you do I can help you, you don’t need motivation, that comes from action and booking an appointment is all the only action you will need today!

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