Smoking cessation

Do you want to stop smoking?

Want to save money?

Tried other methods?

Here’s the package for you!

Krystyna runs hypnotherapy for smoking cessation from Horsforth and Morley in leeds

Smoking is a habit that when formed over a number of years, makes it hard to quit. Maybe you’ve tried other methods to stop smoking – patches, gum, or tablets before with little or no luck, all of these deal with the cravings for cigarettes, but don’t help with the more difficult side to giving up: the psychological side.

There are three areas of addiction Craving, Habit and Association.

Craving is the physical addiction to nicotine, when you really fancy a cigarette.

Habit is the cigarette you smoked for no reason, just because they were there and because you do.

Association is when you always smoke in a particular situation, with a friend, on the phone or after a meal.

Most treatments only deal with one area of addiction; the success of this Stop Smoking package is down to dealing with all the factors involved in stopping smoking.

This stop smoking package gives you that extra will power, without the negative side effects that other methods can cause as hypnosis is a natural state we all enter at least twice daily.

For a light smoker the cost of this package would be covered in a couple of weeks of stopping smoking.

There are many benefits to stopping smoking:

Improved health for yourself and family
More energy
Improved life expectancy
Breathing will improve
Blood pressure will lower
Whiter teeth
Clearer skin
Fresher smell
More money
Better sex life
Improved fertility

Why hypnotherapy is a better way to quit smoking than other methods?

There are no side effects
Cheaper than other methods as there is no repeat purchases
It’s a natural process
Higher chance of success
Something that kills around 5 million people a year, that incapacitates and ages the body and brain, that destroys sex drive and yet whose victims pay for the privilege, spending tens of thousands of pounds over the course of an ever shortening life span…

So Time to stop smoking for good!

There are many therapists out there who claim to be qualified; unfortunately anyone can run a hypnotherapy course. The ONLY qualifications recognised by the UK board of further education are those issued by the National College of Hypnosis and psychology (NCHP), this is due to the fact that students have completed 4 years psychology/psychotherapy study so they can fully understand the complexities of the mind.

So you may have tried the rest…

…now its time to get results with the best!

Krystyna has 6 years professional study under her belt with the NCHP, in the areas of Counselling, psychology, psychotherapy and advanced therapeutic hypnosis. She also has a two hour comedy show with Princess the Hypnodog that has made headline news on many occasions, appeared on many TV shows around the world rising to fame in 2014 and being responsible for putting Simon Cowell and Ant and Dec in a trance for the TV show Britain’s got talent 2015

Probably one of most qualified hypnotherapists you’re likely to come across, Krystyna takes a holistic approach to her therapy. She is committed to constantly learning and researching new ideas to make her interaction as valuable as possible for your benefit. She is known for getting results!

Why not get started straight away?

Hypnosis is a natural process that every person goes through at least twice a day, going to sleep and waking up, remember when you were driving somewhere and arrived at your destination and can’t really remember how you got there? That is a state of hypnosis, when the lights are on but nobodies home? You’re relaxed and your focus is elsewhere.

More and more people are searching for natural ways to enhance their lives and hypnosis is one of THE most NATURAL and POWERFUL ways of enhancing your life.

Or if you are local to Leeds you can book a one to one hypnotherapy session, Krystyna is based Guiseley, Leeds.

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