Raise your standards, improve your life.

The first step in improving your life, is raising your standards.

Everyone sets their own standards in life, the amount you earn, the area where you live, the type of car you drive, your level of education. We all have a standard we are not willing to drop below. Think about it, if you have never challenged yourself or improved yourself, your income, physical appearance, fitness has always been roughly the same.

On occasion we decide to change that standard, how often depends on how much we are willing to challenge ourselves.

So how do we raise our standards? You’re not going to get more, or improve your life in any measurable way by simply thinking you deserve more. You need to improve yourself.

If you could see yourself doing your bosses job, find out what’s involved (it may be more than you originally thought) Ask if you can help with their work load, if you know the job requires a skill you don’t have, learn it, so instead of going to the interview with an attitude of I’m willing to learn, you’ve already learnt it, be one step ahead.

You are your greatest asset, you attract what you deserve, if you want to attract something different change, up your game, learn more, do more, take more chances, be more and then and only then can you have more!

Krystyna is available to book for a one to one hypnotherapy or coaching session via Skype or  in Guiseley, servicing surrounding areas, including ; leeds, Bradford, Pudsey, Otley, Ilkley, Horsforth, Meanwood, Alwoodley, Rodley, Bramley, Baildon, Shipley, Mention, Yeadon, Bingley, Bramhope, pool.


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