The get a grip packages were born out of a desire to make positive, permanent change an affordable option. The package option was created as hypnotherapy alone is not suitable for everyone and all issues.  The packages bring together an eclectic mix of therapies, that would normally be used in one to one sessions over a period of 3-6 weeks, such as hypnotherapy, NLP, cognitive behavioural and gestalt. to deal with common everyday problems.

The package requires a certain amount of commitment to change from the reader. They all include exercises and tasks to facilitate your growth from the aforementioned therapies and also a hypnotherapy MP3 to assist in making your new positive behaviours a habit.

Normally an experienced therapist would charge from £60  per hour and around 3-6 sessions would be required, totalling up to £360. results can be life changing!

Read through the PDF document, follow the instructions and listen to the hypnotherapy session every day for the first week, reducing as the weeks go by until your new positive behaviours become habit, which takes around a month.


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