How poor self image causes yo yo dieting

How poor self image causes yo yo dieting

I was recently asked about yo yo dieting in one of my weight loss workshops, it seems to be a common problem and it’s all down to a poor self image.

So your subconscious mind has a settings or a self image according to how it has been programmed and it is programmed by your beliefs, if you believe deep down (at a subconscious level) that you are over weight and over weight is who you are then that is your setting. When it comes to weight, it keeps you on track, if you diet and veer off track it will guide you back to the familiar setting, it will assist you by reminding you to eat (even if you’re not hungry) now this could be a size 10, a 22, 15 stone or 75kg.

Our subconscious mind is so powerful, the part of the mind that beats your heart whilst you sleep, your mind and bodies guidance system, it’s designed to keep us on track, just like a thermostat thats set to a 25 degrees, when the temperature drops the thermostat notices and readjusts according to its settings, or like a horse sticking to the same route, it’s preprogrammed, left to it’s own devices it will stick to that same route, even if you use a lot of effort to make the horse turn right instead of left it will still attempt to turn left until that route becomes familiar.

Now the subconscious is like a computer if it gets programmed it doesn’t argue it accepts it and gets to work. So If you’ve told yourself I keep getting fatter and fatter, I’m always putting on weight, then thats the command or the belief and it gets to work, so all you think about is food, it’s as though the cupboards talk to you!

So how do we change it?
The SC is programmed by the conscious, the conscious mind is giving the commands, just like the rider, to change the habit, or belief you must put effort in every day until that habit is changed, so the rider will struggle with the horse until the horse has a new habit of turning right. So yes we can struggle every day forcing ourselves to go to the gym, ignoring the chocolate bar talking to you from the cupboard, or you can take the short cut.

The SC mind cannot tell the difference between a truth and a lie, it cannot tell the difference between a real event or an imagined one.
Just think CAVIAR my dears!

Any time any old thoughts come into your mind say the word cancel, that might be oh I’m too tired for the gym, or it’s raining so I’ll walk tomorrow, I can’t resist cakes

Write a list of affirmations for you to tell yourself each day, it may sound crazy but this is how you programme your mind:

I am fit and healthy
I go to the gym every day
I’m a size 10
I’m always moving
I stop eating when I’m full
Whenever I feel hungry I drink a glass of water before I eat

Make sure these affirmations are in present tense, as though you are achieving them now.

play videos in your mind of you:

At the gym,
looking great,
Pushing your plate away when your full
Fitting into that outfit you’d love to buy
Wearing a bikini at the beach
Hearing people tell you you’ve lost weight

Visualisations must be as real and in as much detail as possible, using all your senses, notice what you can see, what you can hear, touch, how you feel, what your wearing

Intensify, you need to convince yourself of these statements and if you have to stand in front of a mirror telling yourself with conviction these new statements then do it. Immerse yourself fully in this way of thinking, so every day for the first month you are correcting your thoughts immediately.

Act, start acting as though you are the new you, what would the new you eat? how would they move? What would the new you do on an evening?

Relax, relaxation is very often over looked, learn some meditation, self hypnosis ( anyone doing my courses or workshops know the steps) listen to some relaxing music, lower your stress levels so you feel more in charge.

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