Hypnotherapy for weight loss.

A recent article we did in the Daily mail, here’s a little snippet, or follow the link for the full article.


‘She wanted me to be more confident about myself in order to stick at losing the weight.
‘Now I live a much healthier lifestyle, and if I have one day where I don’t eat healthily I get back on it the next day.
‘I didn’t think I would even lose weight, so being more confident with my alopecia has been a bonus.’

She said: ‘I always say as a warning to my clients, “this may positively change your life!”
‘I work to get my clients to take control of their thoughts – if they are trying to lose weight there will be certain thoughts which can be replaced with different ones.
‘Once they have gained control over one area of their life, it is really easy to replicate that in another area of their life.
‘Very often, after clients come to me for weight loss help they then tend to make big life changes because they have learned this skill.’


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