Facebook The highlights reel

Facebook The highlights reel

Each morning we wake and before long we pick up our phone and start scrolling, we see Pam’s just bought a new car, Dave’s just moved into his dream house, Karen’s so busy now she’s self employed, Sally’s moaning again, Elizabeth has a new set of boobs and is going out having fun, Jane’s on ANOTHER holiday, Joel’s at another celebrity party, sometimes it can feel like the world’s leaving you behind.

Facebook can be a fabulous tool for reuniting people, making people feel included from the other side of the world, sharing your joys and getting support in times of woe, but social media can slo be a damaging tool.

We might not consciously compare our life to others but on a subconscious level thats what happens. In our worst days there’s someone having the best day of their life and posting it all over face book. But what your watching is a highlight reel, Pam may have a new car but, remember her dad died last month, Dave might be in his dream home, but he has no one to share it with and sits lonely each night, Jane is on holiday but she’s desperately unhappy in her marriage and wishes she was anywhere else, If Karen was so busy would she be posting it to FB constantly? and attract more and as for Elizabeth she just put her makeup on to take a picture and post it in social media. Their happiness is as real as Kim Kardashians bum!

We live in a society where people create an illusion, look at me over here having so much fun, if you are having so much fun why did it come in to your mind to pick up your phone and post it? surely if your having fun you forget you even have a phone.

You know who I’m jealous of? the people without social media that are really living life, not comparing, not feeling inadequate.

The first hour of your day is pivotal, this is where we set our attitude for the day, if you start the day with a feeling of lack then that’s what you will get for the rest of the day.

Attract the right things into your life by listing all the things that you are grateful for every morning and somedays it feels like all you have is that you are still alive, start being grateful before you no longer have that!

Focus on your own life.

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