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As confidence goes up, so does your income

Dr Richard Petty – Ohio State University

Confidence coaching and hypnotherapy does exactly what it says on the tin, It will assist you in building unstoppable confidence.


One of the biggest hurdles I see in my business coaching clients is a lack of confidence, whether your an entrepreneur or an established executive its a major ingredient.

  • Confidence to lead a team.
  • Confidence to network.
  • Confidence to pitch.
  • Confident enough to speak in front of an audience.
  • Confidence to ask for promotion or a pay rise.
  • Confidence to handle conflict.
  • Confidence to change your career path.Often people think of confidence as something that you’re born with, this is not the case. It’s the outcome of the thoughts we think and the actions we take. It is not based on your actual ability to succeed at a task, but your belief in your ability to succeed.

Quality of Thoughts and beliefs:

To be able to achieve something you have to believe that you can.

So what is a belief?
A belief is a thought that we have consistently. If you have tried public speaking even on a small scale and it wasn’t comfortable, you have the thought ‘I’m not good at this.’ You may if you’re persistent try it again, if you don’t have success, you form the belief ‘I can’t give a presentation, I don’t have the confidence.’ Once the thought is manifested as a belief then it’s put away in the I can’t file. Never to be discussed or challenged again. Why? Because you can’t.

Start to monitor your thoughts and language, thoughts that we have consistently become our beliefs.

So what are your thoughts about yourself? Do you have areas where you are confident and areas of lack?

Ask yourself why? Keep asking yourself why.

i.e. “I can’t go to networking events” Why? “Because I would feel nervous” Why? “I couldn’t approach people” Why? “I wouldn’t know what to say”

Then look to solve the problem. Take yourself from limitation to productivity.

How do we deal with negative thoughts?

Thoughts are in charge of everything that happens in our lives, so much more than you would imagine, they control our achievements or failures, happiness or sadness, limitations or abilities.

If I could teach you one lesson here, it would be that gaining absolute control of all your thoughts would make you one of the elite. We are affected by everything we hear, see, experience and watch.

Some things we don’t even attempt to do, because for some reason we don’t believe we can, so we don’t even try.

Step 1… Delete

Stop negative internal (what you tell yourself) and external (what you tell others or they say about you) dialogue. It isn’t easy at first it’s like quitting a bad habit, it will take effort.

Firstly change the way you talk to yourself and to others, for some of my clients they love to tell people about their anxiety, “I suffer with social anxiety” every time you tell yourself this you further manifest that statement as a belief. So it’s time to DELETE those negative statements and thoughts.

I would like you to write a list of at least 5 negative statements you tell yourself or others for instance:

I hate meetings, I get so nervous.
When I pitch I am always worried I’ll get asked an awkward question. My view won’t be taken seriously.
My mouth goes dry and I panic.
I trip over my words when I get flustered.

Step 2 … Replace

Then replace the negative dialogue with a positive statement about that visit/event/situation/ place/person (stimulus), write it down.

Really think about your outcome, what do you want from this ‘event’ Set your OUTCOME and build every thought around that. Be determined that you are going to achieve your outcome.

I am going to get/give as much information as I can at the meeting.
Each time I pitch I’m going to be so well prepared the I will be confident answering every question.
I’m going to do my research and make sure my view is taken seriously.
I am going to be so focussed on giving value I won’t notice anything else.
I am going to remain calm and consider each point carefully, so I can respond eloquently.

This is your new dialogue, it will feel silly at first but with every statement you tell yourself good or bad, your body starts to believe it and will act accordingly.
It’s no good me telling you one thing and you telling yourself something else!!

This exercise needs to be repeated daily, set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to yourself to repeat your positive statements each day. First thing on a morning and last thing at night are the best times, as we are most suggestible.

Step 3 Imagine

Before we do anything we visualise it first, kind of like a rehearsal for the brain. In your head you’ve probably rehearsed the worst possible outcome for a very long time. What you’ve been doing is hypnotising yourself to believe the worst possible outcome, even though you know it may be irrational.

Now it’s time to rehearse a great outcome, always do this when relaxed, maybe first thing on a morning or last thing at night. So the pitch scenario, you may imagine yourself confidently delivering your pitch, run through that movie in your head, smiling, being informative, answering questions. Sometimes you may get an intrusive thought, if you do, say DELETE and start again, until you’ve successfully completed your pitch. Repeat this every day and if ever you slip into old habits just say stop and correct it with a positive image.

Step 4 Preparation and practice

Confidence is being calm and prepared, so Prepare for every eventuality. FEAR = Face Everything And Recover

Put a list together of all the situations you wan’t to feel more confident in.
Start to tackle your list! If you have purchased my downloadable hypnotherapy session. Now is the time to listen, it will give you the boost you need to make you feel strong enough to face that challenge.

Tell yourself I am in control now, I am in control of my thoughts and behaviours.
Start small, moving in small manageable steps, if you want to feel more confident recording videos:

  • Prepare and practice what you want to say.
  • Practice in front of mirror or family.
  • Record yourself giving your speech, just so you can watch it.Test yourself as soon as you can, do not wait until you feel better, or feel like it, that’s not going to happen without first doing it. The more you practice, the easier it becomes FACT!

Step 5 Physiology

Confidence not only comes from your quality of thoughts and your mindset but also from your physiology. How does a confident person stand? How do they speak? how do they walk? Start thinking about how your body needs to say confidence.

Stand/sit tall.
Head up.
Breath deeply.
Walk tall.
Speak clearly .
Pause, if you need to think. Smile.

Aim to make others feel comfortable. Engage with those around you.

Get yourself in a peak state, really fire yourself up, do you have a music track that puts you in a peak state? Rocky soundtrack? Play your soundtrack, give yourself a pep talk, if your driving to your ‘event’ shout at yourself I am going to smash this, I am going to be amazing

Step 6 Coping mechanisms

As you do with a child that is about to have an injection etc., you don’t constantly tell a child, “You’re going to have an injection now and its going to hurt, you may go dizzy, you could even pass out, oh my goodness what are you going to do?” imagine what state the child would be in! So don’t do it to yourself!

Instead before/during the stimulus, close your eyes and imagine your favourite, relaxing place, notice it in great detail, relax your breathing, make sure you create a calmness within you before the ‘event’

Repeat your outcome to yourself before the event, this is programming your subconscious mind for the result you want.

Now time for the magic touch!

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