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Are panic attacks ruining your life?

Getting little or no help from your GP?

Wake up with palpitations every morning?

I used to be exactly the same, I suffered for years, I even lost a job through it, until I learned to combine Cognitive behavioural Therapy with hypnotherapy and came up with my special formula that gets results EVERY TIME.

I have been treating anxiety for over 15 years and from my clients I have learned that their GP offers little or no help, if they do get help it tends to be a counsellor with a person centred approach, which offers empathy.

Let’s face it… 

… That is not going to cure you. I also find that clients don’t know the easy steps to take to improve their situation and move towards a cure; instead they tend to make the situation much worse and as the years go by their illness can get out of hand.

There are many therapists out there who claim to be qualified; unfortunately anyone can run a hypnotherapy course. The ONLY qualifications recognised by the UK board of further education are those issued by the National College of Hypnosis and psychology (NCHP), this is due to the fact that students have completed 4 years psychology/psychotherapy study so they can fully understand the complexities of the mind.

So you may have tried the rest…

…now its time to get results with the best!


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