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Take Back Control Workshop

Is time escaping you? Making little or no progress? Are you dreaming of a better 2019?     Rid yourself of  the life long conditioning holding you back Reprogram your mind for success Erase all negative self beliefs  Improve self esteem and confidence             If you do what you’ve always […]



Get a grip of confidence     “As confidence goes up, so does your income“ Dr Richard Petty – Ohio State University Confidence coaching and hypnotherapy does exactly what it says on the tin, It will assist you in building unstoppable confidence. Confidence One of the biggest hurdles I see in my business coaching clients […]


Anxiety, stress and depression

So today I saw a gentleman diagnosed by his Doctor as suffering with stress, depression and anxiety. He suffered crippling pain, headaches, stomach aches, and pain all over his body, with no physiological problems, it had been put down as a psychosomatic issue. Therefore his pain was caused by his mental state and let me […]


4 keys to unshakeable Confidence

  4 keys to unshakeable Confidence Confidence comes from 4 things: being relaxed, being prepared, your thoughts and actions. Relax We are all confident around our close friends and family, because we are relaxed, so taking the time to de stress yourself, or relax your mind and body before any anxiety provoking event is essential. […]