4 keys to unshakeable Confidence


4 keys to unshakeable Confidence

Confidence comes from 4 things: being relaxed, being prepared, your thoughts and actions.


We are all confident around our close friends and family, because we are relaxed, so taking the time to de stress yourself, or relax your mind and body before any anxiety provoking event is essential.

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You need your mind and body need to recognise when it is holding tension and how to let go of it, once you know this and have practised relaxation, you will know how to sense it and create it.


Preparing for situations is another key to being confident, making sure you have an idea, what you will say or do, if you are performing or presenting make sure you know your material, so that you could perform it with any distraction. If it’s a social situation that worries you, have an idea of topics you’d talk about, maybe have a story about something that happened that day, or on your journey there to break the ice.

Good quality thoughts

Thoughts are our guidance, so thinking is the most important factor, so it’s paramount you have good quality thoughts, going into a situation thinking ‘oh no this is going to be awful, I won’t know what to say, what if I can’t speak’ is NOT going to help.
Make sure your thoughts are positive, think (even though you might not believe it) I am confident, I have got his, I know what I’m going to say and if any thing crops up I will deal with this, and say it with emotion.

We program our minds by statements and fantasies/movies we play in our mind, if you imagine the worse scenario then that’s what you are programming your mind and body for. Start programming your mind for success by imaging yourself being confident in every situation, take a few minutes every day to day dream about the confident you, or if you have an event or performance, imagine it going well, you being confident and doing it perfectly, imagine from a viewer and prom your own point of view.

Do you know that mental practice is as effective as actual practice? so start your mental practice today and imagine the new confident you.


Your mind and body are in constant communication, if your mind recognises the body doing something it will back it up, therefore if you stand up straight take a deep breath in the mind suddenly catches on, as if to say ok somethings happening, get ready.

Change your physiology, stand walk and talk like you have confidence, take a deep breath puff out your chest stand tall, talk slowly and clearly, make eye contact.

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